With its fascinating history our county has a number of sights relating to various events and people. You can enjoy a range of leisure time activities such as hiking, fishing, horse riding, canoeing, and many other things that Estonia’s biggest county has to offer.

In 2011 the county centre Pärnu celebrated its 760th anniversary. Pärnu is known for its white sandy beaches and the musts of a holiday in Pärnu definitely include warm and salty sea and an eventful cultural program. Tourists love Pärnu for the greenery, open air concerts, and bustling nightlife of our city.

Pärnu has ferry and plane connection with the islands of Ruhnu, Kihnu, and Manija that are all exotic and authentic in their own way. Some sights located in Pärnu and within 50 kilometers from Pärnu include Pärnu Museum, the legendary pier, the lovely promenade, the tavern Kuursaal, Vallikäär, Tallinn Gates, the Farm Museum of Carl Robert Jakobson, Soomaa National Park, the White Beach that is known for its beautiful sand and pine forest along with its golf course, and RMK nature study trails.

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